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Nick Goss

Green Lanes

Green Lanes. It sounds pastoral, nostalgic, faintly utopian – like some network of ancient drovers’ tracks and holloways that endures furtively in a pocket of deep England. But Green Lanes could hardly be further from such a place: it is a drawn-out urban thoroughfare, which slices for miles through the suburbs of north London, abutted by old retail parades, housing estates and supermarkets, by ranks of semi-detached houses and parks that renounced their claims to rural retreat well over a century ago.

24 September 2020

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Christof Mascher

Presence Above All

Christof Mascher’s Street turns river, a 2015 painting in oil on board, is an urban nocturne washed with the pale purply blue that belongs only to a clear night beneath a big moon. Gas streetlamps set cream-coloured orbs on either side of the scene, repoussoir glass gems from a European city of the 1820s. A boulevard carves through the landscape, parcelling it up. The painting is tight, everything in its proper place.

7 September 2020

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Gareth Cadwallader

Painting in the world, around the world

Shortly after the opening of Half-Lowered Eyelids, his first solo exhibition at Josh Lilley in January 2019, Gareth Cadwallader left his South London home to paint in the world. A painter with a meticulous, private methodology in art and life, the following images are all that we know about the genesis of the three works ultimately presented at Art Basel Miami Beach in December of that year.

25 August 2020

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Nicholas Hatfull

Sky and vapour

Josh Lilley first showed Nicholas Hatfull's iPad sky drawings — unique archival pigment prints on Somerset paper, modest but glowing — in the 2019 group show of painters' preparatory works Preparing for What. A year later we are proud to introduce and offer the first large oils derived from this daily digital practice.

25 August 2020

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Derek Fordjour


SHELTER, Derek Fordjour's 2020 solo exhibition at the Contemporary Art Museum, St. Louis, was both a compact survey of the artist's recent work and a site-specific installation that placed the viewer in a position of temporary safety from a heavy storm.

25 August 2020

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Ryan Mosley

What People Do

A year ago, Ryan Mosley was approached by the Contemporary Art Society, a heritage charity and consultancy that acquires British artworks for public display around the nation, to submit a proposal for the lobby of a skyscraper growing in London. This skyscraper, 22 Bishopsgate, would be second in size, nationwide, to Renzo Piano’s Shard, and would dwarf the landmarks of the city’s colossus-choked financial center. Paintings, thought this painter of paintings, would not fit for this space.

25 August 2020

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Ian Davis

Cruise Ship

Initiated in late 2019 and finished in June 2020, Ian Davis’ Cruise Ship evolved through a changing global reality, and the artist's iconic figures in matching clothes never arrived, never populated the scene. The cruise ship became a ghost ship — its trajectory, its past and its future, elusive. The rippling wake signals motion, but its unclear who is steering.

24 August 2020

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Nicholas Hatfull

An Autumn Afternoon

There’s an alley that reappears in Nicholas Hatfull’s recent paintings. It is an alley from An Autumn Afternoon (1962), Yasujirō Ozu’s final film.

24 August 2020

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Kathleen Ryan

The Journey of Bad Melon (Party Girl)

Altogether more moist and pulpy than the citrus fruits with which the series debuted at Josh Lilley in October 2018, the Bad Melon works conjure another tangible, tactile aspect of ‘badness’.

24 August 2020

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Kathleen Ryan

Ghost Palm

Kathleen Ryan’s Ghost Palm was commissioned in 2019 for the second edition of the biennial Desert X, an exhibition of site-responsive artworks in Southern California’s Coachella valley in the spring of 2019. A lifesize rendering of the Washingtonia filifera (desert palm) in steel, plastics and glass, Ghost Palm sat along the San Andreas Fault, the meeting point of two tectonic plates.

24 August 2020

Ryan Mosley

Ryan Mosley (b. 1980, Chesterfield, UK) is a narrative painter who uses pictorial cues — from beards to brick walls and top hats — as triggers for art historical reference, class commentary, and pure formalism. Mosley has been represented by Josh Lilley since 2020, 11 years after his appearance in the gallery’s inaugural show and a decade in which he presented multiple solo exhibitions at Alison Jacques, London; Tim Van Laere, Antwerp; and EIGEN + ART, Berlin and Leipzig. He participated in the important figurative painting survey Radical Figures at the Whitechapel Gallery in Spring 2020.

Ryan Mosley lives and works in Sheffield.


2007, MFA, Painting, Royal College of Art, London
2003, BFA, Drawing and Painting, Huddersfield University

Solo Exhibitions

(Forthcoming) Josh Lilley, London

Verses in Time, Larsen Warner, Stockholm

A planets revolution, Galerie Eigen + Art, Berlin
Rival Poets, Galerie Mikael Andersen, Copenhagen

Under Moon, Tim Van Laere Gallery, Antwerp

From the Verges, Galerie Eigen+Art, Leipzig

Coup de Grâce, Tim Van Laere Gallery, Antwerp
Anatomy and the Wall, Alison Jacques, London

The Mirror Never Reflects, Galerie Eigen + Art, Berlin

Band of None, Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects, Los Angeles

Thoughts of Man, Tierney Gardarin Gallery, New York

Reversed Limbo, Eigen + Art, Berlin

Alison Jacques, London

Painting Séance, Grand Arts, Kansas City
Alison Jacques Gallery, London
Project Room, Alison Jacques, London

A Gathering, Regina Gallery, Moscow
Project Room, Alison Jacques, London

Census, Engholm Engelhorn, Vienna, Austria

Eight Years Ago and Before, Bloc Space, Sheffield

Group Exhibitions

(Forthcoming) Enjoy and Take Care!, Tim Van Laere Gallery, Antwerp
Radical Figures: Painting in the New Millennium, Whitechapel Gallery, London

Gifts for you, Galerie EIGEN + ART, Berlin
GMA XXX AAR, Galerie Mikael Andersen, Copenhagen
Drawing Biennial 2019, London
The Last Waltz (For Leon), Tim Van Laere Gallery, Antwerp

Heads Roll, Graves Gallery, Sheffield
The Wall Have Ears, Aston Hall Museum, Birmingham
Malevolent Eldritch Shrieking, Paul Morrison's Studio, Sheffield
Apartment of Mr. Reverend, Regina Gallery, Moskow
Always Trust The Artist, Tim Van Laere Gallery, Antwerp

A New kitchen Sink, Josh Lilly, London
JUMP BALL, Dio Horia, Mykonos, Greece
Everything Flows, Millennium Gallery, Sheffield
INTER YOUTH, Museum of China Academy of Art, Hangzhou

PAINTERS' PAINTER, Saatchi Gallery, London
Bühnenreif / 1. Akt (1900 - 2016), Arp Museum Bahnhof Rolandseck, Remagen
Rohkunstbau XXII - Between the worlds, Kulturschloss Roskow, Roskow
Four calling birds, Satellite Berlin, Berlin
Accrochage, Galerie EIGEN + ART, Leipzig
Imagine, Brand New Gallery, Milan

offen, Galerie EIGEN + ART, Berlin
The Islanders, Galerie Mikael Andersen, Copenhagen
One Day, Somthing Happens: Paintings of People, Leeds Art Gallery, Leeds; Hayward Touring & Arts Council exhibition
June: A Painting Show, Sadie Coles HQ, London

Hurvin Anderson, Nick Goss, Norbert Schwontkowski, Ryan Mosley, Josh Lilley, London
100 Painters of Tomorrow, Beers Contemporary, London

Zero Hours, S1 Artspace, Sheffield
Re-opening, Eigen + Art, Berlin
on paper, Eigen + Art, Berlin

Nightfall, Modem Museum, Debrecen
London Twelve: Contemporary British Art, City Gallery, Prague
Merging Bridges, Museum of Modern Art, Baku
Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy of Arts, London

LABOR, Galerie EIGEN + ART, Berlin, Germany
Make Believe, Galleri Magnus Karlsson, Stockholm, Sweden
FIFTEEN: 15 Years of S1 Artspace, S1 Artspace, Sheffield
Saatchi Gallery in Adelaide: British Art Now, Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide
Visions, Monica de Cardenas Gallery, Milan, Italy
Stories Being Told, BolteLang, Zurich, Switzerland

Newspeak: British Art Now, Saatchi Gallery, London

Daily Miracles, Josh Lilley, London
Newspeak: British Art Now, Saatchi Gallery at The Hermitage, St. Petersburg
Jerwood Contemporary Painters Prize, Jerwood Space, London (touring to PSL, Leeds, Norwich Gallery, Norwich and New Pitville Gallery, Cheltenham)
Golden Agers & Silver Surfers: Old age and ageing in contemporary art, Kunsthaus Baselland, Basel

Moravia, Cell Project Space, London
Make Believe, Concrete & Glass, London
Cory Michael Project, London
The Painting Room, Transition Gallery, London

Wassail, Cell Project space, London
Summer School, Ibid Projects, London
The Great Exhibition, Royal College Of Art, London
Celeste Art Prize, Old Truman Brewery, London
Droppings, Blythe Gallery, Imperial College, London

SAUDADE, Highbury Studios, London
Seeking Tacit Utopias, Surface Gallery, Nottingham
Pleasure Yourself, Howie Street, London

Dialogues and Disclosures, Graves Art Gallery, Sheffield


Click here to download.
The Coming of Time by Ryan Mosley, 2020
Shadows of Belshazzar by Ryan Mosley, 2020
The Passage, by Ryan Mosley, 2020
A King's Return by Ryan Mosley, 2020
A Natural Plateau by Ryan Mosley, 2020
Installation View: Radical Figures  by Ryan Mosley, 2020
Installation View: Radical Figures by Ryan Mosley, 2020
Scholarly Voices by Ryan Mosley, 2020
Dutchess Of Oils  by Ryan Mosley, 2014
Under Moon by Ryan Mosley, 2018
Cave inn by Ryan Mosley, 2011
Installation View: A New Kitchen Sink by Ryan Mosley, 2017
Anaotmy and the Wall  by Ryan Mosley, 2016
Feline Enquiry by Ryan Mosley, 2014
The Educationalist by Ryan Mosley, 2014
Wandering Studio by Ryan Mosley, 2013
The Problem With History by Ryan Mosley, 2010
The Happy Cactus by Ryan Mosley, 2010
Wise Old Bean by Ryan Mosley, 2009
The King's Lean by Ryan Mosley, 2019
Installation View: Band Of None by Ryan Mosley, 2014
Smoking Decoy by Ryan Mosley, 2017
Emperor Butterfly by Ryan Mosley, 2007
Head of Plenty by Ryan Mosley, 2008
Oak Maiden by Ryan Mosley, 2008
THE DUKE by Ryan Mosley, 2008
Installation View: Reversed Limbo by Ryan Mosley, 2012
Waiting For The Romance by Ryan Mosley, 2010
Expedition to the Interior  by Ryan Mosley, 2016
Installation View: Anatomy and the Wall by Ryan Mosley, 2016
Taking Care of the Crops by Ryan Mosley, 2010
Vicar by Ryan Mosley, 2009
An Evening Lecture by Ryan Mosley, 2017
Topiary Gargantua by Ryan Mosley, 2008
Between am & pm by Ryan Mosley, 2015
Muybridge Leasue Suit by Ryan Mosley, 2014
Isabelle by Ryan Mosley, 2017
Turns to Stone  by Ryan Mosley, 2018
The Sirens  by Ryan Mosley, 2019
Let in Life by Ryan Mosley, 2019
Mothers by Ryan Mosley, 2020
Venus Ballet by Ryan Mosley, 2020
Bishopsgate by Ryan Mosley, 2020
New Shadows by Ryan Mosley, 2019
Domino House by Ryan Mosley, 2019
Loving Couple by Ryan Mosley, 2007
In Moderation by Ryan Mosley, 2014
Sirens by Ryan Mosley, undefined
Hunt by Ryan Mosley, 2009


Frieze New York at Josh Lilley, presenting Ryan Mosley

Frieze New York

Solo Show

Stains on a Decade at Josh Lilley, presenting Tom Anholt, Brian Bress, Peter Linde Busk, Gareth Cadwallader, Sarah Dwyer, Derek Fordjour, Nick Goss, Nicholas Hatfull, Christof Mascher, Rebecca Nassauer, Sarah Pichlkostner, Benedetto Pietromarchi, Belén Rodríguez, Kathleen Ryan, Analia Saban, Vicky Wright, Ryan Mosley, Celeste Rapone, Hurvin Anderson, Jack Burton, Ian Davis, Svenja Deininger, Holly Hendry, John Houck, Aliza Nisenbaum, Conrad Shawcross, Leon Kossoff, Tal R, Paula Rego, Euan Uglow & Kaari Upson

Stains on a Decade

Group Show

A New Kitchen Sink at Josh Lilley, presenting Nick Goss, Nicholas Hatfull, Vicky Wright, Ryan Mosley, Dickon Drury, Gareth Cadwallader, Lucy Stein & Tom Anholt

A New Kitchen Sink

Group Show

4 Painters 10 Works at Josh Lilley, presenting Nick Goss, Ryan Mosley, Hurvin Anderson & Norbert Schwontkowski

4 Painters 10 Works

Group Show

Daily Miracles at Josh Lilley, presenting Vicky Wright, Sarah Dwyer, Peter Linde Busk, Carla Busuttil, Nick Goss, Ryan Mosley, Matthew Musgrave, Matthew Burrows, Ian Whitfield & Valerie May

Daily Miracles

Group Show