Peter Linde Busk

The Staging Area

"In a comprehensive and versatile body of work populated by tragicomic characters, the Danish painter Peter Linde Busk wants to focus our attention on topics such as humanity, language and narrative, the role and identity of the artist in contemporary society as well as the issue of failed or paradoxical beauty. By means of a broad range of literary, art historical and pop-cultural references we are presented with a diverse cast of characters, which together delineate an artistic practice the style and manner of which is situated somewhere in-between abstraction and figuration."

Published on the occasion of the exhibition The Staging Area at Holstebro Kunstmuseum, Dernmark, in 2013.


111 pages, 295 x 210 mm
Hardback with cloth cover
Texts by Anthony Byrt, Folke Kjems
ISBN: 9788788275896
Published in January 2013 by Holstebro Kunstmuseum

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