Nick Goss

Green Lanes

"The Green Lanes paintings present a haunting investigation of nostalgia and memory, of how objects and spaces take on such variegated meanings in different people’s eyes and minds. The term green lanes is still used to describe unsurfaced tracks or byway routes that are detached from the managed infrastructure of the road system, and that carpet themselves with lush vegetation. In that context, it could not seem more apt as the title of this series. These are paintings that bear the imprint of other people’s journeys, but flourish with their own poetic life."

— from the essay by Thomas Marks

Published on the occasion of the exhibition Green Lanes at Josh Lilley, London, May 1 – June 15, 2015.


32 pages, colour illustrations, 320 mm
Saddlestitched paperback
Text by Thomas Marks
Designed by Erik Hartin and Moa Parup
ISBN 9780955695629
Published in May 2015 by Josh Lilley

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