Ryan Mosley

From the Verges

"Verge — in the sense of side-strip — can refer both to a small, grassed area, geometrically built yet potentially also full of uncontrolled growth, as well as the edge towards the road. In any case, it is a narrow plot that — slightly elevated — separates several areas from one another and enables a view. From this perspective, we observe these scenes taking place in the distance, which probably belong to everyday life most of the time. Like a virtuoso, Ryan Mosley understands how to transform them into stage plays with a surreal appearance. As he puts it, his starting point in this process is in a way incomplete, a hinterland between something and nothing. The artist’s point of view unexpectedly merges with the observer’s, resulting in a position that leads to an intense interrelation with the protagonist of the image. However, the verge–this magical threshold–is not being crossed. It separates, structures, and creates a sensible distance, carrying the intense observation process without losing orientation in Mosley’s very complex, in-between visual world."

— from the text by Jutta Mattern

Published on the occasion of Ryan Mosley's solo exhibition From the Verges at Galerie EIGEN+ART, Leipzig, from 9 September to 7 October 2017.


40 pages, 26 colour illustrations, 240 x 325 mm
Texts by Jutta Mattern
ISBN: 9783945111406
Published in September 2017 by Lubok Verlag

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