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Installation view of Frieze London at Josh Lilley, presenting Nick Goss, Derek Fordjour, Celeste Rapone, Ryan Mosley, Kathleen Ryan, Tom Anholt, Gareth Cadwallader, Rebecca Manson, Nicholas Hatfull & Martine Gutierrez


Neo-Indeo, Cakchi Lana Caliente, p29 from Indigenous Woman by Martine Gutierrez, 2018
Spa Town Sandstorm by Ryan Mosley, 2020
Bad Peach (Cheeky) by Kathleen Ryan, 2020
Dangerous Crossing by Tom Anholt, 2020
The Lake by Tom Anholt, 2020
Regatta Pattern Study by Derek Fordjour, 2020
A Delphinium Dreaming of a Foxglove, and the Last Hydrangea by Rebecca Manson, 2020
Sunflowers in a Summer Storm by Rebecca Manson, 2020
Island by Celeste Rapone, 2020
Dock Leaves   by Gareth Cadwallader, 2020
Twilight Contrails by Nicholas Hatfull, 2020
Bakers Dolphin by Nick Goss, 2020

Frieze London

8 – 15 October 2020

Nick Goss, Derek Fordjour, Celeste Rapone, Ryan Mosley, Kathleen Ryan, Tom Anholt, Gareth Cadwallader, Rebecca Manson, Nicholas Hatfull & Martine Gutierrez