Carla Busuttil

Carla Busuttil (b. 1982, Johannesburg, South Africa) makes paintings depicting the shadows of Apartheid, as well as the look and feel of power. Her style, raw and disobedient, is both a testament to resistance and a particularly florid take on the modern grotesque. A graduate of the Royal Academy, London, Busuttil was included in the significant 2010 survey Newspeak: British Art Now at the Saatchi Gallery, London, and AGSA, Adelaide, as well as the Jerwood Contemporary Painting Prize and John Moores Painting Prize exhibitions in London and Liverpool, and in solo shows at Goodman Gallery in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Carla Busuttil lives and works in Birmingham.


2008, Postgraduate Diploma, Fine Art, Royal Academy Schools, London
2004, BA, Fine Art, University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg

Solo Exhibitions

Always the Land, Recent Activity, Birmingham

Sunset Debris, Montresso Art Foundation, Marrakech

Gentlemen, I Just Don't Belong Here, Goodman Gallery, Cape Town

The Super-Suburb Defence Authority, Josh Lilley, London
Choice. Click. Bait., Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg

Polish your speech, polish your teeth, The Workbench, Milan
Carla Busuttil, Art Los Angeles Contemporary, Los Angeles

A Change of Tongue, Space K, Seoul

Generation V, Josh Lilley, London
Post-National Bliss, Goodman Gallery, Cape Town

Exit Mode, Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg

Rug & Gut & Gum, Josh Lilley, London

Tuxed Fucks – And other curious outfits, Gimpel Fils, London

Group Exhibitions

Ikon for Artists, Ikon Gallery, Birmingham
Distorted Portrait, Space K, Seoul

Sir, 'Where is this Place?: 8.7832° S, 34.5085° E, A. C. Embassy Art Museum, Beijing
Rules of Freedom, Collyer Bristow Gallery, London

John Moores Painting Prize Exhibition, Walker Gallery, Liverpool
Another World Charity Postcard Sale, Frieze Art Fair, London
Scenes from a Chasm, Cuchifritos Gallery, New York
Fashion Art Commission presentation with Sadie Williams, 180 Strand, London

Summer Exhibition , Curated by Yinka Shonibare, Royal Academy of Arts, London

New Revolutions: 50th Anniversary Show, Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg
Water Biscuit, Josh Lilley, London

We see (in) the Dark, Museum of Africa Design, Johannesburg
Edge of Silence, Goodman Gallery, Cape Town
Figuratively Speaking, Heike Moras, London
Tutti Frutti
, Turps Gallery, London

It’s All Video, Video, Video, The Bioscope, Johannesburg
About Your Full-time Position, Joburg Fringe, Aerial Empire, Johannesburg
Unboxed, Nirox Residency Collection Exhibition, Museum of African Design, Johannesburg
Nirox Sculpture – Winter Show, Nirox Sculpture Park, Johannesburg

Nalepastrasse, Funkhaus, Berlin

Creative London, Space K, Seoul
One Giant Leap: Works from the Saatchi Gallery, Hyatt Regency, London
Transformed Human, Space K, Seoul
Advance / Notice, Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg

Sovereign Art Prize, Haskoy Yarn Factory, Istanbul
Saatchi in Adelaide : British Art Now, Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide

Gifted, curated by Ben Street, Josh Lilley, London
Vicissitude, Kabin Collection, London
Newspeak: British Art Now, Saatchi Gallery, London
Puce Moment, Transition Gallery, London
Borders, Deutsche Bank Awards Show, Saatchi Gallery, London
Review II, Gimpel Fils, London

Between my Finger and my Thumb, Schwartz Gallery, London
Newspeak: British Art Now, Saatchi Collection, Hermitage, St. Petersburg
Daily Miracles, Josh Lilley, London
Jerwood Contemporary Painting Prize, Jerwood Space, London

The World’s Most Dangerous Ideas, Dray Walk Gallery, Truman Brewery, London
Saatchi Online at Concrete and Glass Festival, Beach Blanket Babylon, London
Yellow Freight, Fold Gallery, London
Royal Academy Schools Summer Show, Royal Academy, London
MA Show, Atkinson Gallery, Somerset

Neck to Nuts, La Viande Gallery, London
Painting Music – Performance, Fringe Festival, Edinburgh
Group Show, Chelsea Arts Club, London
Influx, Nolias Gallery, London
Premiums, Royal Academy of Arts, London

Group Show, La Viande, London
Lynn Painter Stainers Prize Exhibition, Painters’ Hall, London
Royal Academy of Arts Summer Show, London

University of Witwatersrand Degree Show, The Mills, Newtown, Johannesburg
Sasol New Signatures, Pretoria Art Museum, Pretoria
Conciliation, Johannesburg Art Gallery, Johannesburg
Herd – Wits University Group Show, The Bag Factory, Newtown, Johannesburg
Martienssen, University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg
Choose Your Own, University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg
Art Space, Northcliff, Johannesburg
Wire Sculpture: Student Show, The Gertrude Posal Gallery, Johannesburg


Click here to download.
The High Masters by Carla Busuttil, 2015
Super High Vis by Carla Busuttil, 2016
Zig Zag and the Delta Force 5 by Carla Busuttil, 2010
Slow Dance for Spenders by Carla Busuttil, 2014
No More Losing War by Carla Busuttil, 2013
The Manifold Men by Carla Busuttil, 2013
Installation View: The Super-Suburb Defence Authority by Carla Busuttil, 2016
Installation View: The Super-Suburb Defence Authority by Carla Busuttil, 2016
Swagger & Pomp by Carla Busuttil, 2013
Installation View: The Super-Suburb Defence Authority by Carla Busuttil, 2016
Installation View: Rug & Gut & Gum by Carla Busuttil, 2011
We are the students of Sir Pierre. Sir Pierre Van Rynefeld by Carla Busuttil, 2016
A Change of Tongue by Carla Busuttil, 2014
Swarm by Carla Busuttil, 2014
Shall We Land In The Sky by Carla Busuttil, 2013
Jungle Rocket by Carla Busuttil, 2013
Installation View: Rug & Gut & Gum by Carla Busuttil, 2011
The Showman by Carla Busuttil, 2011
Keep Cooly Cool Boy! by Carla Busuttil, 2013
Installation View: The Super-Suburb Defence Authority by Carla Busuttil, 2016
The Super-suburb Defence Authority by Carla Busuttil, 2016
The Mayor of Hollywood Yeah! by Carla Busuttil, 2013
Boss Boys by Carla Busuttil, 2011
Nightwatchman 1 by Carla Busuttil, 2016
Nightwatchman 3 by Carla Busuttil, 2016
Protect Your Land by Carla Busuttil, 2013
The Hordes by Carla Busuttil, 2016
A Garden enclosed by Carla Busuttil, 2010
Oh Muddy Island, Speak! by Carla Busuttil, 2013
Head Full Of Glue by Carla Busuttil, 2013
The Basically Passive Astonishment by Carla Busuttil, 2011
Father Zag by Carla Busuttil, 2011
Your Country Needs Defending. Let's Talk by Carla Busuttil, 2011
Step Aside, There's a Good Chap! by Carla Busuttil, 2011
King of the Jumble by Carla Busuttil, 2010
Headstack by Carla Busuttil, 2009
Bayonette Bank by Carla Busuttil, 2009
Dead Leader by Carla Busuttil, 2009


The Super-Suburb Defence Authority at Josh Lilley,presenting Carla Busuttil

The Super-Suburb Defence Authority

Solo Show

Water Biscuit at Josh Lilley,presenting Belén Rodríguez , Carla Busuttil, Kathleen Ryan, Matt Lipps, Nicholas Hatfull, Nick Goss, Peter Linde Busk, Rebecca Nassauer, Sarah Dwyer, Sarah Pichlkostner, Vicky Wright & Yana Naidenov

Water Biscuit

Group Show

Generation V at Josh Lilley,presenting Carla Busuttil

Generation V

Solo Show

Rug & Gut & Gum at Josh Lilley,presenting Carla Busuttil

Rug & Gut & Gum

Solo Show

Gifted at Josh Lilley,presenting Nick Goss, Rebecca Nassauer, Belén Rodríguez , Benedetto Pietromarchi, Sarah Dwyer, Carla Busuttil, Christof Mascher, Analia Saban, Michael Huey & Clara S Rueprich


Group Show

Daily Miracles at Josh Lilley,presenting Vicky Wright, Sarah Dwyer, Peter Linde Busk, Carla Busuttil, Nick Goss, Ryan Mosley, Matthew Musgrave, Matthew Burrows, Ian Whitfield & Valerie May

Daily Miracles

Group Show